Lightspeed Releases Mach I Lightweight Headset

Lightspeed released their brand new Mach I lightweight headset this week. Magnesium Alloy construction makes this headset incredibly lightweight yet rugged and durable. The Lightspeed Mach I also features stereo hi-fidelity sound, a satellite-cell phone interface, and a music interface for plugging in a digital music player or CD player. The Lightspeed Mach I headset is available at FlightEssentials Pilot Shop and is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Terrain Mapping for Lowrance Airmap 2000C

Lowrance recently release their new terrain mapping software for the Lowrance Airmap 2000C which provides situational awareness in mountainous terrain and around obstacles. This new updated is available from FlightEssentials Pilot Shop

Vertex VXA-710 Aviation Transceiver

The new VXA-710 aviation transceiver is the latest transceiver to hit the aviation market. The Vertex VXA-710 is the only transceiver offering European channel spacing, Business Radio Service and a Li-Ion battery as standard equipment. The new VXA-710 is now available at FlightEssentials Pilot Shop

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New ASA Test Preparation & FAR Manuals In Stock

ASA released 2006 versions of their test preparation, ground school and federal aviation regulation publications. All ASA publications including Written Test Prep, PrepWare, Virtual Test Prep, and FAR/AIM manuals are available at discounted prices at FlightEssentials Pilot Shop