Vertex Introduces VXA-300 Lite Aviation Transceiver

The new VXA-300 Lite aviation transceiver was introduced by Vertex Standard. The Lite version of the Vertex VXA-300 Nav/Com runs on AA batteries and includes a 12v lighter adapter, headset adapter and alkaline battery case. It does not rely on maintaining a charge so it is perfect for occasional or emergency use. The VXA-300 has the following unique features not found in any other transceiver. The 800mw amplifier makes it the loudest transceiver available. This may be the only transceiver you can hear in your airplane without a headset! Built in VOX for hands free operation - No PTT required when in VOX mode. 8.33 khz European channel spacing RX only. Built in PA (public announce mode) for use with MH-44B speaker mic. The VXA-300 Lite is available at FlightEssentials Pilot Shop